Be Loved Transportation was invented in 2009 and was established in  August of 2016. The CEO, Dwayne Cole, had a passion for helping others  and wanted to help the community by transporting individuals and  families to their medical appointments; whether it be doctors, dentist,  therapist, addictions, adult training classes, etc. When Be Loved first  started transporting individuals with traditional Medicaid, they met an  individual who went to dialysis 3 times a week and who lived in  Ellettsville. At one period during our time of transporting the  individual, he unfortunately had become very sick and lost his Medicaid  coverage. Despite the cost of transportation and fuel, Dwayne Cole  decided he was still going to transport the individual due to the  relationship he had built through transporting him on a weekly basis and  due to the importance of him getting to his treatments 3 times a week.  Instead of driving off and moving on to his next client, Dwayne would go  inside and motivate the individual to get up and go to his dialysis  treatment because he knew the importance of going consistently in order  to ensure the longevity of his life. Dwayne was able to see first hand  the importance and impact a supportive relationship can have on one’s  health. Experiences like these sparked Dwayne’s interest in founding Be  Loved Transportation Inc, to help others get to their medical  appointments in a consistent and timely manner. 



Our vision is to ensure anyone needing medical transportation will have it.
This will be carried out in an environment that not only transports but provides genuine relationship building.



The mission of Be Loved Transportation Inc. is to provide reliable and  courteous non-emergency medical transportation to anyone who needs it. 

our team



Be Loved Transportation was invented in 2009 and was established in  August of 2016. I have a passion for helping others and wanted to help  the community by transporting individuals and families to their medical  appointments; whether it be, doctors, dentist, therapist, addictions,  adult training classes, etc. 



Born in Naples, Italy and currently resides Ellettsville, IN for the  last 32 years. I have worked for Community Natural Gas in Spencer, IN,  Baxter in Bloomington, IN, Building Associates in Bloomington, IN, and  now Be Loved Transportation Inc located here in Bloomington, IN. I’m a  proud father of 3 children, proud grandfather of 5 children, and proud  great-grandfather of 1 soon to be great-grandchild. I enjoy family,  friends, and work that I love. I look forward to seeing ya’ll and  driving for ya’ll!