Beloved Transportation is a non-emergency medical transportation company.


The mission of Be Loved Transportation Inc. is to provide reliable & courteous non-emergency medical transportation to anyone who needs it.

The Vision:

The vision is to ensure anyone needing medical transportation will have it. This will be carried out in an environment that not only transports but provides genuine relationship building.


The purpose is to provide transportation in order to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare.

Activities Provided:

The primary activity provided is transporting individuals to and from appointments with services such as; dialysis, chemo treatments, doctors’ appointments, etc. This activity will be accomplished for those who otherwise can’t obtain transportation due to financial restraints, family availability, individuals with a disability, or other related barriers. This activity accounts for 80% of the organizations time.

The second activity is to link the individuals and families with resources in the community to provide supportive services for those who come into contact with Be Loved Transportation, Inc. This activity accounts for 20% of the organizations time.