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  • Beloved Transportation -

    Thank you for leaving your comments and feedback. It is greatly appreciated and helps Beloved Transportation to better services our customers!

  • Kholoud -

    I highly recommend this company because they DO CARE about their customers and their needs. I am saying this from experience of a month of scheduled rides to the hospital. The owner of the company (Mr Dwayne) was absolutely reliable and made sure that we don’t miss any of our hospital sessions. THANKS SO MUCH!

    • Dwayne Cole -

      Thank you for sharing, we try our hardest to give reliable service and will continue to perfect what we love to do and that’s help our community.

  • Linda Rene Jordan -

    The driver that picked me up for my trip too see the meadws hospital at the new location at Landmark to see my mental health doctor was very kind and well mannered I would recommend them to any one that needed a ride too and from the doctor , thank you so much for your service . <3

  • D. Davis -

    I have been using exclusively Beloved Transportation beginning since late summer/early Fall 2016 within the Bloomington, IN and greater Indianapolis area.. I have the challenges of multiple disabilities. I can honestly say I would not use or recommend any other Medical Transportation or other Transportation Service, for that matter!, for my personal needs or for anyone else’s!! They are by far & away the most Professional & Caring Transportation Service I have ‘ever’ used or experienced in all my years both locally or afar (Nationally and/or Internationally).!!! From ‘Day 1’ the bond was set and I felt immediately they were Family!!! That is a rare thing these days! They Rate my ‘Number 1″ authentic “Good Samaritan Seal of Approval”!!! — D. Davis, Bloomington, IN

  • Maiko cain -

    I love the service all drivers provide:) always on time, friendly and makes the ride fun!! I definitely recommend beloved transportation to everyone.

  • Christina Lyons -

    I’m very excited about Beloved Transportation servicing the Bloomington, Indiana and surrounding areas. As an experienced business woman, I can honestly state that I could not have written their business plan better myself. Meeting the transportation needs of diverse clientele is a challenging business mission, and one I am most confident the owners and operators of Beloved Transportation will perform well and professionally with the highest regard for customer care and safety.

    Thank you so much for accepting me as a client. I look forward to long and smooth ride throughout our business relationship. Best wishes! I’ll check-out that donation option on your web=site!

  • Pete L. Campbell -

    I offer my undying support to Beloved. Living in Bloomington with no friends or family to take me to a surgery in Indianapolis presented me with a serious delima….. Having my procedure cancelled because the hospital required the person driving you to the procedure to be there every minute of the procedure. The other thing I will never forget and treasure always is the driver came back to where they were prepping me for surgery to pray for me. I cannot thank Beloved enough because you cannot measure care and compassion.

  • Janette Whitehead -

    My driver made the trip for me! He was on time, pleasant to talk to, and arrived early to make sure he could find my home. (It is not easy to find!)

    Another plus was I learned more about scheduling trips, pharmacy pick-ups and even bus passes from him.

    Thank you Beloved!

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